Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Portuguese Grill @ Oasis, Midvalley

Anyone here likes spicy food? I bet there are!

Well, lots of local stalls serve
Portuguese Grill, usually seafood. They'll wrap the seafood of your choice in aluminum foil with their own spicy sauce then take to grill. Not only the seafood freshness is important, the spicy sauce plays a HUGE role in this dish. Many I've tried, a lot of them don't keep their seafood freshness up to standard, and most of them did the spicy sauce very bland.

This particular one I had that taste great! Spicy enough, and yet very distinctive flavor. At all the strange places, can you believe that one of Midvalley's food court actually serves such good food? Haha! It's one of the stall inside The Oasis. Food was so good that every meal break people are queuing up to order. Gosh...

Prawn with Ladies Finger & Petai

Squid with Ladies Finger

Only Ladies Finger
*I know I know... you must be thinking I'm hell of a ladies finger huge fan. But NO! not me! it's my mum!

Look at the crowd!
*note: it's a public holiday where most people aren't here. you should visit during the weekdays then you'll know how PACKED it is.

In terms of price in these kinda places (food court), a lil' pricy though... but yea... it's seafood. So, it's pretty much expected.

Owh! Aside from Midvalley, there's another place that is very famous with this too. Petaling Street!! It's located at the center of the whole street, at where the famous "Longan Loh Hon Guo Leong Shui" is. It opens only at night if not mistaken. I'll introduce it more when I come to it ;)

Midvalley Megamall
2nd Floor, Center Court.
Near the IT area.


  1. yea i know this and i tried before.
    it's inside the food court, most of the business drop there, lol other stall all no 生意
    that time very jia lat lor, puasa 7.20pm, ngam ngam i'm having dinner there, nobody clean the table... all makan-ing =o=