Friday, September 11, 2009

Xenri, Japanese Cuisine @ Old Klang Road *revisit*

During the 2 weeks stay at Perak, when we talk about food someone mentioned sushi!! Oh gawd... this kept me urging for Japanese food for 2 torturing weeks!!

Oh well, since I'm back for good *at the moment*... I can have Japanese meal whenever I want, right? =D

I visited Xenri the 2nd time. Food was still pretty up to standard *smiles* Check out my 1st visit experience!! ---> Here

*a must have for a Japanese meal. Cleanses the oil and it won't make you feel too full!

*lightly fried in flour batter, top with crisps of not sure whether it's made of squid or fish and soy sauce. You just have to eat it straight away while it's served! Remaining the nice crispy outer layer while eating with the soy sauce soup! *Mmmm*

Mushroom Chawanmushi
*steamed egg with mushroom. Soft & smooth texture with mushroom aroma makes it tasty and yet clear. Mum's fav ;)

Salmon Sashimi
*freshly sliced salmon , nicely presented and preserving the freshness on crushed ice. You just can't have enough of it! Better if served with fresh grounded wasabi instead of powder form ones.

Saba Shio
*Mackerel salt grill. I wouldn't recommend you to order this here at Xenri, fishy taste is a little too strong. Not sure whether does it have to do with the freshness of the fish? I tried better one at "Zen, Sunway Pyramid" (last time lar...)

Seasoned Jelly fish in vinegar
*My FAV!! this was really nicely done! not too sweet, the crunchiness of the jelly fish is still there. Serve with seaweed... perfect!


  1. U should try Kura at One World Hotel,the best so far of all Jap restaurants i've tried in KL.By the way,the thing on top of the fried dofu is called bonito(fish flakes)..enjoy!Bon Appetit!!!

  2. By the way,the comment above was posted in by your Godma,hehe.. juz selected anonymous coz it's easier to post in the comment.earlier tried selecting the name but they asked for URL,so leceh...but u gotta try Kura,get ur mom to bring u there,food's fantastic,ambience also nice...

  3. Godma : Thx for the info!! and the name of the fish flakes too... ekeke...
    I'll definately go try that one day! btw, and what's the price range?? Judging by wat i'll usually order.. it'll be around rm200-300 for 2 person yea? I mean at Kura

  4. slightly pricey there but prepared to pay a lil more...